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My key language learning apps and programs in order of how I used them:

Michel Thomas – Audiobooks that formed the basis of my Spanish journey. Read my review here.

Memrise – Forget Duolingo, this is my go-to vocab-builder. I wrote a review of the website back in October 2013.

Italki – Ask questions that get answered by native speakers. A lot has changed since my November 2013 review but it’s still worth a read.

Sharedtalk – It might sound creepy, but language exchange chat rooms like Sharedtalk played a massive part in my learning Spanish. Read my review here.

Podcasts – Listening is probably the most important skill area when learning a language. Click here to learn more about the podcasts I’ve used.

Meetups – There are numerous Meetups in Sydney through, Couchsurfing and Facebook. I’ve written about some of my encounters here.

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Some apps I use to help stay on top of things. I use them across iOS, Android and desktop:

Pocket Casts – I use this app to manage my 100+ podcast subscriptions across all my devices. It will cost you a few dollars but it’s well worth it. Downcast also gets a mention but only supports iOS and doesn’t look quite as good.

Simplenote – For stripped-back note-taking that syncs seamlessly across your devices – jot down a vocab list on your smartphone, and review it later on your laptop. Quite frankly, it’s simplicity makes it better than Evernote, which is more comprehensive but unwieldy.

Google Drive – The other reason I don’t use Evernote. It’s where I draft my blog posts and collate my research for my travels.

Pocket – Basically, a bookmark manager that you can access on all of your devices. You can organise using tags and archiving as well. Very useful tool for saving articles for offline reading.

Updated: 28 September 2016

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