Peru Photoblog Part 4: Cusco I


When I arrived to Cusco, I felt like like my head was disconnected from my body. I hadn’t had a proper rest since arriving in Peru six days earlier. Jet-lag, lack of sleep and altitude sickness had taken a toll on me and, now I was alone, I crashed. Even still, it was impossible to overlook the beauty of this sunny city in the sky – Cusco is 3,400m above sea level. I would later meet a regular skydiver from England who told me that this is a common altitude he jumps from. Here, in the Plaza de Armas, fly the flags of Cusco and Peru.


This is another angle of Cusco’s Plaza de Armas. I just thought it was funny to see a bunch of young Peruvians dragging wheelie bins around picking up the rubbish. They were laughing and chatting animatedly.


My first feed in Cusco was roasted cuy (guinea pig) in Cusco’s Plaza Regocijo. I didn’t want my first experience of cuy to be alone. However, at this point, I didn’t know how much longer I was going to say in Cusco as I was already seriously considering going down to a lower altitude to rest up. In the end, it was a good call. The next day, the markets were gone and I left as well for a little city in the desert named Nazca.

As I waited for my order, I turned around to take this quick snap of the stall’s wares from the POV of the owners (the chef got in the way just as I pressed the button but what can you do?) I ended up eating guinea pig two more times after this but this was the only time the skin was thin and crispy – delicious, like Chinese roast duck. Across the tiny table, a young American woman chatted in Spanish to her Peruvian boyfriend. I didn’t have the heart nor the strength to interrupt them and share my first guinea pig experience. They were having a nice private meal anyway. 

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All photos were shot on 35mm film, using my little Ricoh camera. Check out Lucky35, a vintage film camera exchange based in Sydney.

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