5-Week Spanish Challenge

Uni assessments are over and I am on winter break. Instead of waiting around anxiously until I get my results, I have recommenced my quest for a Diploma of Spanish as a Foreign Language. The exam is on 18 July, giving me a little under 5 weeks in total to prepare – and the first week has already flown by!

After not practicing for a good month, I’ve swept away the cobwebs with several hours of input and my listening comprehension is almost back to the level it was at before. I will be doing a number of posts about what I’ve been listening to soon.

I’ve also spent some time chatting on Shared Talk. Although I’d like to have more face-to-face conversations, instant messaging still keeps you on your toes. The World Cup is proving a great conversation-starter, especially as I’ve been meeting predominantly Colombians and Chileans.

Finally, I’ve been getting into a new grammar book* to sort out any kinks I might have. While I’ve already reached quite a high level, I’m wary that I make small errors and have probably picked up some bad habits without even realising it. In any case, I subscribe to the view that the best time for correction is later in the learning process, when you can properly appreciate and take on any advice. I’ve started a notebook for vocabulary and structures I want to flag as important, which is something I’ve not done very formally for Spanish before.

I’ve posted Steve McManaman’s Spanish-language interview on ESPN in the past so I leave you now with Gwyneth Paltrow (not everyone’s favourite celebrity) who speaks fluent Castellano after studying on exchange in Talavera de la Reina:

*I’m not sure how good it is yet, I just picked it up at Abbeys Books after reading through a few different Spanish grammar books.

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