How to listen to podcasts (iOS)

Update Feb 2016: I now use Pocketcasts for all podcasting needs. It’s across Android, iOS and  even has a web versionIt isn’t free but, seeing as most podcasts are, it’s well worth it!

In some of the podcasts I reviewed last time you’ll hear the presenter finish with “the best way to listen to us is by subscribing to us on iTunes”? This is a trap. The whole process of syncing with iTunes is a nightmare and it’s exponentially easier to manage your podcasts on your iDevice using a specialised app.

iTunes podcast mess!
iTunes’s podcast mess!

I have an iPod Touch so I use Downcast. It costs a couple dollars but I haven’t strayed since downloading it – You can do everything from Downcast (i.e. from your iDevice): search for podcasts, download and delete episodes, decide which podcasts will automatically download, even sync with your other devices using iCloud.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any experience with listening to podcasts on other operating systems such as Android. I would, however, recommend having a squiz at an opinionated website such as Lifehacker, which is where I learned about Downcast.

Takeaway: Make the switch, bypass the hassle of iTunes and listen in comfort to the sweet dulcet tones of your favourite podcaster today!

Downcast for iOS

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