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Away from the hustle and bustle of the Internet’s main streets, there is a quiet place where you can relax and read without ads and notifications. It’s called Readability.

Price: Free

What it does: Readability is an app that strips web-pages of clutter and advertising to give you a clean, enjoyable reading experience (Chrome Extension & Bookmarklet). It saves articles into a Reading List you can visit later, or take with you on your iOS or Android device. You can can even send your articles to your Kindle.

Why I use it: I use Facebook to find articles in Spanish (and German) but I don’t always have time to check out every headline I find interesting. Using Readability ensures I always have something engaging to practice my reading.

Competitors: Pocket is also free and supports iOS and Android. Pocket is sexier than Readability, it handles images and videos better, and is supported by a bunch of other apps. The other day, I saved a couple photo-heavy food-blog posts to Pocket and it was all there off-line on my iPod Touch, successfully showing me around Cabramatta for lunch.

But I don’t use it for language learning because its Chrome Extension doesn’t have the “Read Now” function of Readability’s that instantly cleans up pages for reading. It also doesn’t support Kindle the way Readability does.

A third Read-Later app is Instapaper. It’s not free and I’m already very happy with Readability, so I’ve never checked it out. You can read a handy review of Instapaper vs Readability and Pocket here.

Conclusions: Readability is a great app to help you read more. It’s one of the main reasons why I bought my Kindle. It also explains why I’m secretly jealous of people with iPads and tablets.

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