Brainscape: Bonus nerdy advice


If you didn’t know, I am incredibly enthusiastic about keyboard shortcuts. They make editing Brainscape decks much quicker! Here are some instructions on how to be like me. I hope they make sense, they might require some thought at first.

  1. Organise one window with Brainscape and another with your favourite online dictionary to the left and right of your screen (“windows+left/right”).
  2. Get used to using “alt+tab” to switch between the two.
  3. Use “tab” to go from ‘Question’ to ‘Answer’ with ease. If you make a mistake, use “tab+shift” to go back.
  4. Use “ctrl+T” to make new tabs and look up new words
  5. Use “ctrl+tab” and “ctrl+shift+tab” to navigate between the tabs.
  6. Make use of Google Chrome’s address bar customisations. That is, if you use Google Chrome, click here to find out how you can hack your address bar so you can effortlessly search different websites without having to visit them. For example, all I have to do to access WordReference for English<>Spanish translations is type the keyword “esp” followed by the word I want to look up into the address bar at the top of the browser window and press “enter”.

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