What the coming weeks will hold

It’s only been a week or so but I’ve really enjoyed running this blog so far. It’s made me so happy to see so many people taking the time to visit and read. This post is just about what I want to make of this space in the coming days and weeks.

While I intend on maintaining my rambling, anecdotal style as much as I can, you can expect more review-based posts in the near future (as I suggested in my first post). I will be looking back on the techniques and resources I used to learn Spanish in the past year or so but most of them will be applicable to all languages.

At this point, I hope to post at least once a week. I have a healthy-looking queue at the moment so fingers crossed I can make the time to keep this up.

Photos… No photos is fine? Stock photos would add colour? Nah, use photos I’ve taken on my travels? …But only when they’re suitable/available to the post? Feedback is welcome on this one but in the meantime, scroll down to notice one of the older posts has been updated to include a photo!

Although it’s rather nerve-wracking putting myself on the line updating my Facebook status with each new post, I’m okay doing it so far. Either way, you can also follow me without even having a WordPress account by clicking on the “+ Follow” tab in the bottom-right-hand corner of my blog! If you do have a WordPress account, find the option in the ribbon at the top of your screen.

My Mum wanted to know what “Tim Spricht” means. I figure this might end up being a common question so I’ve created a FAQs page for the blog you can find in the main menu at the top.

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