A language learning toolkit

Hi, I’m Tim. I’m from Sydney, Australia. I study international relations and languages at university. I speak German and Spanish, and am currently learning Mandarin Chinese. Welcome to my blog about language learning.

Now, I’m not going to pretend to have all the answers to language learning. It is simply something I really enjoy and have had some success with. This blog is not about being definitive. That is, it will be less about “how to”, and more about “how I did” or “how you could” learn a language! It will be a language toolkit, if you will.

There are loads of different approaches, tools and resources designed for optimised language learning, and this can be daunting. On one hand, different people naturally find different paths more compelling, and on the other, it is beneficial to try new things to keep up your motivation. I want to share my experiences exploring and trying out various language-learning approaches to help others feel less overwhelmed by the multiplicity of options out there.

I’d love to inspire people to try things they might not have considered, or to at least get people thinking about their language journey and how they’re going to reach your goals. I suppose, I’ll also get to reflect on my own experiences, and improve my own learning habits.

To sum up: I’m aiming for easily-consumed posts full of tips and advice mixed in with personal anecdotes to create a toolkit of ideas for learning foreign languages.

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